Poultry Equipment

Equipment and machinery for poultry, chicken, broiler, breeder, layer, turkey, duck, goose, game bird, hen, quail & egg Industries.



- Sheds and housing by C-Lines ( prefabricated and dedicated for farming of broilers, breeders, layers, cages, barn, free range, ducks, game birds).
- Sheds and housing by Le Triangle  ( prefabricated and dedicated for farming of broilers, breeders, layers, cages, barn, free range, ducks, game birds)
- Farming equipment (auto feeding, drinking, heating, cooling ,ventilation, cages,scrapers).
- Fiberglass Feed Silos, from 2 to 75 m3, from 4 to 45 Tons


- Eggs and Chicks, Candling, handling, counting, washing, weighting.
- Day-old chicks Transport Equipment and Trucks.


& Processing

- Manual processing tools and equipment.
- Processing: from stand alone machines, to fully automated processing line.
- Compact abattoirs and processing line.
- Conveyor lines, overhead, tubular and T tracks, and belt.
- Animal welfare, traditional or ritual processing (halal, kosher).
- Live bird area, crate washers, crate and containers auto handling systems.
- Transport crates and drawers.
- Stunners and killing systems.
- Scalders, air jet and propeller turbine.
- Plucking machines: disk and counter-rotation pluckers.
- Picking rubber fingers.
- Waxing systems, and wax, for duck and quail processing.
- Evisceration: automatic and manual.
- Offal handling and processing.
- Automatic deboning and cut up systems.
- Meat bones separators, de-boners and de-sinewers.
- Processed birds and meat trays and trolleys.

Food Processing

- Microwave tempering and thawing tunnels.
- Brining and marinade process and injectors, vacuum tumblers.
- Shaping, cooking, cooling process.
- Membrane remover and chop and meat slicers.
- Wash basins and knife sterilizers, boots washers.
- Germicidal water production for chemical free environment.
- Bowl Cutters
- Meat Mincers
- Refrigerated Meat Mincers
- Mixers
- Stuffers
- Chop Cutters
- Vacuum Machines
- Kneaders
- Band Saws



supply Turkey processing equipment from Bayle, able to deal with 4 kg to 25 kg birds.


supply the famous modular, pre-assembled, Compact poultry processing lines from Bayle, to get you started in no time even in remote places.


supply the OVOCHECK world's best Egg Candling technology and automated hatchery systems from Avinnovo.
processing equipment that can handle difficult birds, organic, free range, hens, label rouge.
supply Plumatech picking FINGERS. Get the right finger to make your machines work better. Gentle on the bird and longlasting

supply Carfed CRATES for live birds transportation and drawers for container systems. Strong and cost effective.

supply DUCK processing equipment including automated waxing systems and dry plucking processes


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